ROYal Blasting Arizona LLC specializes in abrasive blasting to many surfaces for preparation. Our services are mobile, so we can come to you and assist you with all of your surface preparation needs easily while you sit back and relax. Our services include:


  • Paint Stripping
  • Rust Removal
  • Powder Coating Removal


  • Anti-fouling Paint Removal
  • Bottom Paint Removal
  • Epoxy Removal
  • Barnacle/Marine Growth Removal


  • Curb Paint Removal
  • Line Stripe Removal
  • Fleet Vehicle Stripping
  • Heavy Equipment Stripping


  • Graffiti Removal
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Brick, Stone, and Granite Cleaning
  • Wood Restoration
  • Stucco and Concrete Cleaning

Don’t waste your time with sanding and grinding. We can clean even the trickiest of surfaces without a power washer and make a detailed-difference for your boat, property, and more. Blasting is eco-friendly and doesn’t warp metal, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your boat or car. Our services are fast and effective, centered around providing customers like you with premier services you can always count on. Not to mention, our mobile model gives us the flexibility to work around your schedule.

We specialize in automotive paint removal, powder coating removal, pool tile cleaning, and more! We won’t get to work without letting you know exactly what needs to be done first and provide you with an accurate quote, so you can avoid any billing surprises. Call today for a quote and let us come to you!

We bring the BLAST to you!